21 November 2012

A gift for dog art lover Peter

Peter loves dog art: To enlarge his collection he received new dog art works for christmas.

I agree with Peter, that dogs are wonderful animals. They are constant and loyal companions of the human beings and a life without them is possible but senseless - as Loriot used to say about his Pugs. Peter has two dogs - a Pug and a Rhodesian Ridgeback.

Mable and Bascha in their dog basket, Hamburg, Germany 2012

Nicole is a very talented german portrait artist. I contacted her and sent her a photograph of Peters´ two dogs lying in their dog basket. She painted a wonderful oil portrait of them, which stands out on Peters´ dog art wall since christmas.

Nicole´s oil portrait of Mable and Bascha, Hamburg, Germany, 2011

Peter´s living room in Hamburg, Germany

"Die Schlumper" - A second gift for dog art lover Peter

And Peter still loves dog art: The second dog art piece which enriches Peters´ collection. 

"We are the Schlumper", Teaser

"Die Schlumper" is a friendly society based in Hamburg, Germany. Members of this community are artist´s with varying special needs. They work together in a studio with assistance of pedagogues, artists and other community service performers. Their studio is worth a visit - the exhibited artwork is fascinating and it is adorable to watch the Schlumper working. 

Schlumper: G.Wieflpütz, H.Rothenhäusle, U.Bender, K.-U. Ideen, W.Voigt, I.Wulff, H.Wäßl

The second dog art that Peter has received is a copperplate print created by Bianca, a german artist and member of the Schlumper community. I discovered it in the Schlumper studio last winter and thought it deserves a space in Peter´s living room...

Copperplate print by Bianca, Hamburg, Germany, 2011

20 November 2012

Special friends deserve special gifts.

A total coincidence: Matching outfits at a dinner party. 

Toni is a very close friend of mine. In many aspects we can very well identify with each other. Once upon a time... we went to a huge shopping mall. When presenting what we have shopped we realized, that we have bought exactly the same black and white patterned T-Shirt of the brand French Connection.

Six months later Toni invited me to a dinner party in Barcelona. When she opened the door we both started laughing - we were wearing exactly the same outfit. Not only the black and white patterned T-Shirt, but also a black skirt, tights and black boots, as well as red lipstick. The only difference was our height and haircut. We decided to pose for a photoshoot - imitating the identical twins of Diane Arbus´ famous photograph.

Diane Arbus´ identical twins, New Jersey, 1976

One day my friend Dan was posting his art on facebook - photographs on which he was drawing on top in an interesting, amusing way. I sent him my picture and asked him to create something similar for me and Toni. This is the outcome - I´m loving it!

One of Dan´s artwork: Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs

French Connection twins, Barcelona, 2012

Since Toni went to San Diego for a university exchange programme, I kept the framed piece of art (which I ordered at Whitewall) in Europe. As a replacement I gave her a printed canvas tote bag - ordered on Spreadshirt. The bag doesn´t only match her wicked panda beanie, but also suits her well on that pink scooter in New York!

Toni in New York, 2012

17 October 2012

Gift idea for our father´s 60th birthday

Modernized: The Januskopf as a one line drawing.


For our father´s 60th birthday my brother and I wanted to organize a very special gift...
Great minds think alike - our father and his brother had the same thought many years ago when their own father (our grandfather) was turning 60 years old. The artist Harald Salder made a personalized art piece, a drawing called "Januskopf", which is showing the two profiles of the siblings merging into each other. Meanwhile this piece of art became very famous in our family.   

The original Januskopf © Harald S., 1972

A couple of years after our grandfather has died, an amusing email conversation took place between the two brothers. Our uncle was of the opinion that it was about time to share the "Januskopf" which my father had inherited. He wanted it hanging in his own walls for a while, but our father was not really amused about his brother´s sudden idea...

The modern Januskopf © Steffen , 2012

Thanks to that conflict my brother and I came up with the perfect idea for our father´s 60th birthday - a modern, redrawn Januskopf of our own profiles! It took us ages to find the right artist, but finally we got introduced to Steffen, an artist from Berlin. For a fair price he created a "one line drawing" á la Januskopf. Additionally he made a video of the process, which we integrated into our speech. Luckily also our father was delighted by this personalized art piece. I hope you find it inspiring! Wait for the next personalized art outcome, there are some in progress...